World Class vs. Kingdom Class (Interview w/ Matt Neff)

On this episode, CEO Matt Neff shares how Sight & Sound and its 800+ employees have inspired over 30 million people with stories of faith through “Kingdom-class” original live theater productions.

Matt Neff is the CEO of Sight & Sound, a ministry on a mission to bring the Bible to life through live theater, television, and film. Since its beginning as a traveling multimedia show in 1976, Sight & Sound has inspired over 30 million people with stories of faith and is supported by a team of 800 employees. Today, Sight & Sound owns and operates two live theater locations, immersing audiences in state-of-the-art original productions and recently released their first theatrical film.

Matt joined the company in 1994 as a stagehand and has served the ministry in a variety of roles since becoming the CEO in 2015.

Matt is married to Amy, 3rd daughter of Sight and Sound’s founders Glenn and Shirley Eshelman, and has played an active role in the strategic planning of the long-term structure of the family-owned business.

Matt and Amy reside in Lancaster, PA with their four children.

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