Why Leadership Is Creating Order from Chaos (Interview w/ Gary Harpst)

Gary Harpst, CEO of LeadFirst and author of Built to Beat Chaos, is guest of Christianity in Business podcast.

On this episode, tech entrepreneur and CEO Gary Harpst makes a biblical case for why leadership is about creating order out of chaos.

Gary Harpst, CEO of LeadFirst, is known for his fusion of faith and work, fostering agile organizations. With four decades of experience, he founded three successful businesses, one of which merged and was sold to Microsoft.  He has authored three impactful books and educated on business-faith intersections.

As a veteran Christian CEO, Harpst’s journey encompasses business trials and growth. His latest book, Built to Beat Chaos, makes the biblical case that we are all created to overcome chaos.

LeadFirst, under Harpst’s guidance, provides a whole business, whole-person health strategy for kingdom-impact businesses.


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