Gary Hartenburg, PhD

College of Arts and Humanities
Philosophy, History, Law, and Society
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Director, Honors College


  • PhD in Philosophy, University of California–Irvine
  • MA in Philosophy, University of California–Irvine
  • MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, Biola University
  • BA in Bible and Theology, Moody Bible Institute

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Logic
  • Faith, Reason & Romance (Honors College)
  • Walking to Piraeus (Honors College)
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy (Graduate School)

Teaching Focus

Dr. Hartenburg specializes in ancient philosophy and generalizes in other areas of philosophy, theology, and literature. His interest in ancient philosophy concerns the intersection of epistemology and metaphysics as well as the difference between knowledge and belief. When not reading works of and about the ancient philosophers, he enjoys reading poetry and novels, in particular the poetry of T. S. Eliot and the novels of Jane Austen and Leo Tolstoy. Dr. Hartenburg also enjoys teaching and thinking about business ethics, though he thinks that even that topic is best understood by reading through the ancient works on ethics.

Additional Information

Dr. Hartenburg was born and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan, moved to downtown Chicago for college, spent a year studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland, sojourned for about twelve years in southern California, and now calls Texas home.