Julienne King, PhD

College of Education and Behavioral Sciences
Assistant Professor of Psychology


  • PhD, General Psychology, Walden University
  • MPhil, Walden University
  • MBA, Business Administration, University of Phoenix
  • BS, Secondary Science Education, Southern University A & M College
  • Certificate in Educational Leadership, Liberty University

Courses Taught

  • General Psychology
  • Principles of Human Development
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Research Techniques and Procedures
  • Freshman Year Seminar
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Principles of Sociology

Teaching Focus

My teaching focus is to present course material in the field of psychology to all students both undergraduate and graduate, residential and online. My approach in teaching focuses on utilizing my background experience, exposure, and knowledge in science education to prepare students for research both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. My goal is to teach students how to incorporate faith in their practice to influence the culture of our society at large—to go out and not only preach the Gospel but be a light and salt to the world (Matthew 5:13).

Research Interests/Publications

  • King, J. (2020). Memoirs of a Single Mom. Chisholm Trail Media.
  • King, J. (2019).  Student Perception of Dissertation Mentor Communication Style and Behavior as Predictors of Student Satisfaction and Stress.  General Psychology, Walden University.
  • King, J. (2019). Pocket Prayer Book for Educators. Chisholm Trail Media.
  • King, J. (2017). 25 Faith Statements for the Single Mom. Chisholm Trail Media.


  • National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Conference Presenter- October 2021
  • Houston Community College Best Teaching Practices Symposium Presenter-October 2021
  • Dual Credit Rigor Institute Conference Presenter – Qwerky Connections for the High School Student– August 2021- Houston Community College
  • Academic Curriculum Review Committee Writer and Editor-Psychology (Chair)- June 2021 – Tel Education
  • Scholarship Committee Member Chair & Developer House of David a Covenant Church 2018-current
  • Houston Community College Faculty Trainer April – May 2020
  • Presenter at the 21st International Conference on Social Sciences – Amsterdam, 3-4 April 2020 (Virtual)
  • Science Curriculum Review Committee Member Writer and Editor (District Effort) – June 2008-2009- Aldine ISD- Houston, TX
  • Ministry Leader Crown of Life for Single Mothers Ministry
  • Ordained Minister – New Seasons Ministries 2014

Previous Professional Jobs

  • Adjunct Professor- Lone Star College
  • Adjunct Professor- Houston Community College
  • Adjunct Professor- Altierus College
  • Adjunct Professor- Tel Library Resources
  • Science Educator- Aldine ISD along with Charter School Experiences (Houston, TX)
  • Science Skills Specialist- Aldine ISD
  • Science Department Chair- East Baton Rouge Parish and Jeff Davis Parish (Louisiana)

Personal Interests or Hobbies

I have over 20 years in teaching experience in all levels of education (upper elementary, middle school (most of my years), high school, and college). I have mainly taught science courses, but have had experience in teaching math and history. I have taught all disciplines of science to all grade levels including tutoring in private sessions to increase standardized test scores.

I have helped to facilitate training for science teachers both at a district and local school level. I have written curriculum for science teachers as well as scoping sequencing as a part of a district effort. I also homeschooled for my community working with a small number of students using the Word of God as a fabric that tied all other aspects of learning together. I organized field trips that broaden the scope of understanding our world with children that may not have the opportunity to do so.

I have written psychology course manuals and curriculum and assessments for Tel Library, an independent organization that provides independent study courses for students all over the country.

I have written several books to encourage single mothers that they are not on the journey alone as well as host virtual Bible Studies, practical life workshops, as well as prayer calls to foster hope and faith for the single mom. As well as prayers that inspire and encourage the educator at heart. I hope to one day settle my time in writing devotionals that will connect the heart of the Father to the heart of His children. I love spending time in the presence of the Lord.

I am also an active member and a minister and teacher of the Word of God at my local assembly House of David, a Covenant Church. In all of this, I make room for family. I absolutely love spending time with my two daughters (Zowie and Lan`e King) fostering in them a love of God and a fulfillment in seeking God in prayer for the destiny of purpose for their lives and enjoying loving them through it all. We love eating out, shopping and traveling either close or far, all for the enjoyment of what the Lord has put together in our unique family. I love pouring wisdom through God’s strength to teach my daughters all that I can with high hopes of launching them into the world to see Heaven’s Best happen in their lives.