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Technology on Campus

Making technology an integral part of teaching and learning depends on two key factors: the availability of computer resources and the ability to use them. At Houston Christian University, we provide both!

Students have easy access to systems in multiple locations on campus. Hinton 204 and the Learning Commons for our HCU student needing to use university managed computers. These computers can be used to complete class assignments, check email, do Internet research, or surf the net. There are printing kiosks available in Hinton, Cullen Science, the Learning Commons and the University Academic Center.

An automated computer kiosk is located in the Learning Commons, 1st floor of Moody Library that are available for research, and over 200 computers in classrooms where instruction is provided. We strive to replace hardware to keep pace with technological advances, and install new versions of software as soon as instructors are prepared to teach with them.

There are other benefits as well.

  • High-Speed Internet access across the campus.
  • Easy accessibility to student computer resources.
  • Specialized software for certain classes, such as SPSS, Maple, NCLEX, etc. Such software is installed in both classrooms and labs, making it easy for students to complete assignments and work on projects, both in and out of class.
  • Computer-run instruments in the physical sciences labs, which collect data from experiments.
  • Online registration from the HCU Mobile App is available for all students.
  • Students can check their financial status, print their balance, view the financial aid awarded for the year, print a schedule, and check for holds on their accounts — all online.
  • Every registered student receives an HCU-assigned email address.
  • Every registered student receives a complete version of the latest Microsoft Office that can be installed on up to five devices, including Android and iOS.
  • MY.HC.EDU portal provides easy access to email, calendaring with reminders, course information and collaboration so that classmates can communicate together, and all the news of the campus including information important to students, such as financial aid, registration, finals schedules, and other timely issues.
  • Media equipment is available for faculty to use in the classroom. All classrooms have permanent installations of computers and video projectors. Other equipment, such as video players and monitors, are also available by request.