This Week's Review: John Wick 2

The weekend of February 11 was a “sere and yellow leaf” as far as good films were concerned.  I wound up seeing John Wick 2; it was about as weak as I expected.  I should have listened to those who urged me to see The LEGO Batman Movie.

The first film about retired assassin John Wick was not very good and there was no need for a sequel.  Keanu Reeves is not a very serious actor; he has very little dialogue in this episode and that may be a blessing.  Ian McShane’s role is small, but he is much better.

The first part of the film wraps up a few loose ends from the previous exercise in slaughter and then jumps into a new plot.  By the midway point, the miniscule plot disintegrates.  We are to assume that almost every person we see on the street is a professional assassin anxious to kill Wick for a fee of $11,000,000.  The ending strongly implies that we may face an infinite number of sequels as Wick battles his way through an unending array of blood-thirsty enemies.  This is one franchise that has no reason to survive.