The Cullen Trust Gives $2.5 Million to HBU College of Engineering

The HBU College of Engineering is grateful to accept a $2.5 million major gift from The Cullen Trust for Higher Education. The funding supports the Trust’s goal of bolstering higher education programs that boost the community members of Houston and the area. Funds will go toward recruiting and hiring faculty members and students, and equipping laboratories with resources. To date, the College has received a total of $3,714,230.

The College is nearing its launch in the Fall of 2018. Tracks of study* will be the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The three programs will employ project-based learning, hands-on and design elements, and team activities. Curricular themes include cybersecurity, cloud computing, mobility, data analytics and project management. Additionally, all students will complete a year-long senior project, directed by faculty and sponsored by industrial partners.

The HBU College of Engineering was formed out of a need for qualified cyber engineering professionals. According to the Cybersecurity Task Force of the Greater Houston Partnership, the demand for cybersecurity professionals greatly exceeds the supply, leaving a critical shortage for the metropolitan area. The Houston area produces less than 500 computer science graduates annually. HBU president, Dr. Robert B. Sloan, the HBU Engineering Advisory Board, and Dr. Stanley Napper, founding dean of the College, helped carry the vision for a modern, ethical training program to reality. “We are so thankful to the Cullen Trust for their steadfast commitment to HBU,” Sloan said. “Throughout the University’s history, the Trust has supported key programs and initiatives. The launch of our College of Engineering will allow us to prepare students to meet the needs of an interconnected world. They will have a firm grounding in the profession, as well as all of the ingredients for an ethical compass.”

The vision of the College is to be the best in the world for integrating principles of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), with modern computing and information technology (IT), along with Christian values. Dr. Napper said, “We are excited to be able to train engineers who will utilize God-given resources and God-given talents to serve humanity by solving technical challenges efficiently and securely. Our graduates will work to make the world healthier, more productive and more secure.”

Visit the College of Science and Engineering to learn more about the HBU College of Engineering.

*Pending SACSCOC approval