The William Stamps Farish Fund Awards $750,000 to HBU College of Engineering

The HBU College of Engineering is delighted to accept a major gift from The William Stamps Farish Fund in the amount of $750,000 to support its Cyber Security programs. The award will be distributed over three years, and will support the development costs of hiring new faculty members, purchasing equipment, and generally supporting the program during its initial years. To date, the College has received a total of $3,714,230.

The College is nearing its launch in the Fall of 2018. Tracks of study* will be the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. HBU is grateful for each contributor who has made the new College possible. It began with the vision of Dr. Robert B. Sloan, HBU president, and the HBU Engineering Advisory Board. Comprised of volunteers from across the industry and region, the Board outlined a vision for the cyber-centric program’s elements. According to the Cybersecurity Task Force of the Greater Houston Partnership, the demand for cybersecurity professionals greatly exceeds the supply, leaving a critical shortage for the metropolitan area. The focus of HBU’s Engineering programs are unique to this region, and will result in the development of sought-after graduates in this emerging, professional field. Dr. Stanley Napper, founding dean of the College, joined HBU in 2017.

As the larger community has recognized the need for effective and ethical cyber engineers, people and organizations continue to back the work of the HBU College of Engineering and of Dr. Napper. HBU and the Fund share a common goal to provide life-furthering education for the citizens of Houston and beyond. More than 80 percent of HBU undergraduate students are from Harris, Fort Bend and Brazoria counties. Additionally, 69 percent of HBU undergraduate students are part of a racial or ethnic minority group, and 23 percent are the first in their families to attend college. Cyber security graduates and employers will benefit from the specialized skills they gain.

Dr. Robert B. Sloan, HBU president, said, “This very generous commitment by the Williams Stamps Farish Fund to HBU’s College of Engineering is so strategic at this time for our students and for the community. The Fund has chosen to answer the critical need for engineers with cyber and information technology skills combined with a worldview rooted in the Christian faith.”

HBU College of Engineering Mission Statement:

The mission of the College of Engineering is to educate and train engineers who will utilize God-given resources and God-given talents to serve humanity by solving technical challenges efficiently and securely. HBU engineers serve the Lord Jesus Christ and serve humanity by applying basic scientific knowledge and basic biblical principles to make the world healthier, more productive and more secure.

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*Pending SACSCOC approval