HBU to Hold Engineering ClassLab Dedication

The Houston Baptist University College of Engineering is pleased to dedicate the Engineering ClassLab at 11:30 a.m., Tuesday, Sept. 18, in the SAFE (Securing America’s Future Through Engineering) Lab in Atwood II on HBU’s campus, 7502 Fondren Road.

The classlab serves as a learning and creative space for the Engineering program’s inaugural students. Launched this school year, the College offers the Bachelor of Science in Cyber Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The three programs will employ project-based learning, hands-on and design elements, and team activities. Curricular themes include cybersecurity, cloud computing, mobility, data analytics and project management. Additionally, all students will complete a year-long senior project, directed by faculty and sponsored by industrial partners.

Dr. Stan Napper, dean of the College of Engineering, said, “The ultimate goal of the graduates will be ‘Securing America’s Future through Engineering.’ First-year students take a two-semester sequence of engineering projects (SAFE Lab Engineering), as well as a two-semester sequence of computing and cyber projects (SAFE Lab Cyber). Students in these courses will build a robot, design and build a ‘Smart Factory,’ program solutions in Java and Python, and design an original solution to a real problem that is unique, and that utilizes basic math, science, engineering, and computing concepts. The College of Engineering is pleased to occupy offices, classrooms, and classlabs in the Atwood II building. We humbly dedicate this College and our learning spaces to our Lord Jesus Christ, to His service, and to the service of humankind.”

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