Culture Influencers: David Davis, Scott Robinson, Tony Joseph, John Tyler, and Chris Hammons

The Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty hosted a series of workshops in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio in the month of October. Over 60 teachers participated in the workshops which included presentations and discussions led by Dr. David Davis, Dr. Scott Robinson, Dr. Tony Joseph, Dr. John Tyler, and Dr. Chris Hammons. The workshops are part of the Center’s mission to promote and preserve our nation’s history and founding principles. The workshops focused on John Locke’s influence on the American Founding. Locke was a British political philosopher who provided much of the intellectual ammunition for the American Revolution. Locke’s emphasis on natural law, social contract theory, and resistance to tyrannical government was central to American political thought during the Revolutionary period. His thoughts and ideas greatly influenced Thomas Jefferson and much of the language of our Declaration of Independence is draw from Locke’s work. The workshop was divided into four parts. Teachers were informed about the historic events of Locke’s lifetime, with emphasis on the English Civil Wars and Glorious Revolution. The second session focused on Locke’s political theory as laid out in his famous Second Treatise of Government so that teachers developed a better understanding of Locke’s actual theory. The third session focused on Locke’s impact on the American Revolution, and how both Americans and British loyalist used Locke’s ideas in a battle over the issue of American Independence. The final session focused on Jefferson’s incorporation of Lockean theory in the Declaration of Independence. Teachers who completed the workshop were awarded a certificate for their professional development portfolios and a copy of John Locke’s most famous writings. The feedback from participants was outstanding, with many commenting that the workshop was well-organized, information, and engaging. Many teachers including the host schools encouraged HBU’s Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty to return next year to offer a workshop on a different topic.