Culture Influencers: Renae Schumann

Dr. Renae Schumann, dean of the School of Nursing and Allied Health and professor of Nursing, recently earned a Certified Nurse Educator designation.

According to the National League for Nursing, the test-administering organization, certification of nursing faculty does the following:

  • Distinguishes academic nursing education as a specialty area of practice and an advanced practice role within professional nursing
  • Recognizes the academic nurse educator’s specialized knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Strengthens the use of core competencies of nurse educator practice
  • Contributes to a nurse educator’s professional development

Nursing faculty must have years of teaching experience along with advanced degrees which focus on nursing and education to be eligible for the test. Test-takers must prove knowledge and skills in areas of facilitating learning; facilitating learner development; assessment and evaluation strategies; the academic nurse educator role; curriculum design and program outcomes; and scholarship, service, and leadership.