Culture Influencers: Craig Ferrell

Craig Ferrell, Jr.Dr. Craig Ferrell, Jr., assistant professor of Law and Criminal Justice, published an article entitled, “U.S. Supreme Court Sneak Peek: Top 10 Law Enforcement Cases to Be Decided in the Court’s October 2019–2020 Term” in the International Association of Chiefs of Police September Magazine. The theme of the article is how recent Supreme Court decisions affect local, state and national law enforcement, and which cases the Court will hear this term. The article explores how these will affect not only law enforcement, but society in general.

Students in the Criminal Justice program, and the entire HBU community, can draw from the rich experience that Professor Ferrell brings to the classroom, as well as the one-on-one mentoring he provides. He remains an active contributor to the law enforcement community, providing scholarship, experience and advice.