HBU to Utilize Air-Disinfecting CIMR Technology in Facilities

Houston Baptist University is prioritizing the health and safety of students, faculty and staff as we commence campus instruction and activities for Fall 2020. The University is pleased to provide cutting-edge air and surface disinfecting technology in facilities that are central to student services, dining, and education. CIMR (Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction) creates a non-aqueous hydrogen peroxide gas, emitted at only .02 parts per million, or 1/50th of the OSHA safe exposure level. Studies by universities and the US government show CIMR to be effective against airborne and surface contaminations such as influenza, H5N5, MRSA and many other biological threats. Unlike dangerous vapor hydrogen peroxide, CIMR is perfectly safe for humans and pets, and will continuously fill and disinfect the areas where is has been deployed.

CIMR will be installed in the HVAC systems of many of the University’s dining and common spaces including the MD Anderson Student Center, the Baugh dining and kitchen facilities, the Library Looper Learning Commons, and Cullen Science Building, including laboratories. Additionally, almost every classroom has been equipped with plug-in CIMR devices, ensuring extra protection for the in-person portion of HBU’s hybrid instruction model.

John Holmes, HBU associate vice president for Facilities and Campus Operations, expects the significant investment will prove effective. “By utilizing CIMR, ensuring rigorous cleaning standards, as well as providing unlimited quantities of the produced-on-campus, environmentally friendly PathoCide disinfectant spray, HBU is creating both the most hostile environment for infection and the most friendly and safe environment possible for students and employees,” he said. “We believe our efforts will make HBU one of the safest and healthiest university campuses and employers in the region.”

HBU’s approach to a healthy environment on campus encompasses:

Density – reduce the number of people in a space

Defend – protect against contamination with strategies such as masks and frequent handwashing

Disinfect – proactively sanitize surfaces and circulated air

Learn more about HBU’s plans for the fall at HC.edu/HuskyStrong.

The faculty, staff and leadership of HBU look forward to welcoming new and returning students in person this fall. We invite potential students to contact Admissions@HC.edu or 281-649-3211.