Culture Influencer: Dr. Craig Ferrell

Dr. Craig Ferrell, Jr., assistant professor of Law and Criminal Justice, published an article entitled, “Policing With Empathy: What Is It and Does It Really Work in Real Life?” in the October 2021 issue of the International Association of Chiefs of Police Magazine. The theme of the article is How to Many in the Law Enforcement Field, “Policing with Empathy” may come across as soft and not wise. However, with a little digging, it becomes apparent that this style of policing is exactly what police officers, administrators, and community members need to talk about during this critical time. Research on public interactions with the police has consistently indicated that the way officers behave determines how they are evaluated by the people with whom they interact.

HBU students in the Criminal Justice program, and the entire HBU community, can draw from the rich experience that Prof. Ferrell brings to the classroom, as well as the one-on-one mentoring he provides. He remains an active contributor to the law enforcement community, providing scholarship, experience and advice.

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