Culture Influencer: Dr. Timothy Ewest

Dr. Timothy Ewest joined a select panel of researchers at the 82nd annual meeting of the Academy of Management held August 5-9 in Seattle, WA. to discuss storytelling as a viable research approach to explain the development of inner spirituality and the impact of different aspects of spirituality on workplace balance.

Orneita Burton, Professor of Management and Information Systems, Abilene Christian University, TX, Mitchell Neubert, Professor, Baylor University; Kathryn Pavlovich, Professor, University of Wai, New Zealand; Jack Reese, Pastor, Professor, Executive Minister, Northside Church of Christ, San Antonio, TX and Miroslav Volf, Professor, Director of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture were among the select panel.

Each participant presented positions behind their experiences with and understanding of spirituality as it relates to various fields of study. Through this discussion, panelists shared personal stories and propose management solutions that reveal the inner spirituality of individuals as participants in an organizational setting.

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