Cultural Influencer: Dr. Timothy Ewest

Rev. Dr. Timothy Ewest, Associate Professor of Management, Prince-Chavanne Chair in Christian Business Ethics and Chair of the Department of Management, Marketing and Business at Houston Christian University, has recently been elected as the “Division at Large Research Presentative” for the Academy of Management, Management, Spirituality and Religion Division. This elected position is a 3-year term and is responsible for overseeing research initiatives by the members of the Academy of Management, and the subsequent division of Management, Spirituality and Religion. The research conducted within this group impacts and is disseminated through various business schools worldwide.

The Academy of Management (AOM) is the preeminent professional association for management and organization scholars. Our worldwide members are professors and PhD students in business schools at universities, academics in related social science and other fields and practitioners who value knowledge creation and application. Founded in 1936, our global community today is nearly 18,000 strong and spans over 120 countries. AOM seeks to connect members of the global management and organization community with one another and with external audiences through an unparalleled portfolio of engagement opportunities that transcend technological and geographic boundaries. Moreover, AOM provides a diverse membership with indispensable value characterized by extensive professional services, vibrant volunteerism, interactive communities, and re-imagined governance.

This is Dr. Ewest’s third research appointment in the last 15 years. Prior to the position at the AOM, he held the position of Visiting Research Scholar at Princeton University’s Center for the Study of Religion under the direction of Robert Withnow, serving as a research collaborator with Dr. David Miller. He also held a 2-year Vesting Scholar position with the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics.

Dr. Ewest’s research focuses on the intersection between faith and work and a second group of research focuses on leadership ethics. He has been with Houston Christian University since 2016.

 For more information, visit the AOM website.