Houston Christian University – A Year of Transformation

On Sept. 21, 2022, Houston Baptist University unveiled a new name and officially became Houston Christian University (HCU). Over the past year, we’ve managed to do some pretty cool things that make HCU stand out like never before. Let’s dive into the cool highlights of our fantastic journey.

  1. Personality Identified: New Logo, New Vibe Revealed: First things first, we kicked things off with extensive re-branding research conducted in collaboration with Carnegie Higher Ed (a higher education marketing and enrollment strategy firm). Our goal was to identify our personality – purple, blue and green – and create a brand-new set of logos. Carnegie employs a color-based archetype system to establish a “human face” to Higher Education. In this system, HCU’s primary personality colors are:
    1. Purple represents our mentoring and supportive spirit.
    2. Blue signifies leadership and influence.
    3. Green identifies the quest for discovery.

    The results of this collaboration and research led to a compelling logo word mark and icon (Belin Tower), plus a revamped athletics brand. These logos reflect our mission, academic life and athletic spirit. We couldn’t be prouder of our fresh, modern look. It’s the face of our future.

  2. Lights, Camera, Action: We’ve been busy behind the scenes, as well, shooting exciting videos and photos that capture the heart and soul of our campus. From commercials airing on local media to photoshoots – the photos are on display all around campus — we’re all about showing off our vibrant community.
  3. Campus Glow: Have you noticed the new signs all around? They’re not just signs; they’re symbols of our commitment to excellence and faith.
  4. Staying Connected: In this digital age, we’ve got our online and email games going strong. We have been reaching out to our community, keeping stakeholders in the loop and building stronger connections along the way.
  5. Brand Power: To keep things sharp, we’ve set some brand standards. They are here to make sure our identity shines through, reinforcing our dedication to excellence and spiritual growth.
  6. Merchandise Mania: We have created some cool merchandise to accompany our newfound swagger. There are T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs – you name it – and they’re decked out with Houston Christian University flair.
  7. Recruiting Rock Stars: Our mission wouldn’t be complete without the best and brightest student minds. We’ve created recruitment marketing materials that show off our amazing academic programs and campus life.

Conclusion: In just one year, Houston Christian University has created a new look to brighten our beacon of academic, athletic and spiritual excellence. As we celebrate our journey, we anticipate the students who will join us on our remarkable adventure.  Cheers to an awesome year and many more to come.

HCU Rebranding Campaign Hanging New Banners