About The Pillars Magazine

The Pillars is the news magazine of Houston Christian University. Formerly known as HBU News, the magazine has a vital history. Originally, it was a newsletter that informed readers about the events, faculty and alumni of our younger University, which at the time was known as Houston Baptist College.

Our president, Dr. Robert Sloan, along with our board and administrative team, completed a driving vision document to cast the future for Houston Christian University entitled The Ten Pillars, which was unanimously approved by our Board of Trustees on February 19, 2008. This missional vision statement is so essential to who we are and the growth steps ahead, that it seemed appropriate to adopt the new name, The Pillars.

Executive Council

University President, Dr. Robert Sloan
Provost, Dr. Stan Napper
Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer, Sandy Mooney
VP for Online/Digital Learning, Dr. Steve Peterson
VP for Advancement and University Relations, Sharon Saunders
VP for Enrollment Management, Dr. James Steen


Dr. James Steen, Editor
Cary Delmark, Editor
Diane Tezeno, Writer & Deputy Editor
Michael Tims, Photographer
Michael Taylor, Video Editor


Advancement and Alumni Relations
Department of Athletics

Editorial Office

The Pillars, Houston Christian University,
7502 Fondren Road, Houston, Texas 77074
Phone: 281.649.3000
Undergraduate Admissions: 281.649.3211
Graduate Admissions: 281.649.3269
Alumni: 281.649.3413

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