Institutional Strategic Plan | The Five Imperatives

Imperative One: Growing Size and Place

  1. Strategic Enrollment Planning (Program Mix Review, Career & Calling, WOW Factors, Moving the Needle, STEM Retention, At-Risk Support, Holistic Advising, FYS Review, Mental Health Services)
  2. Campus Master Planning

Imperative Two: Preserving, Strengthening and Integrating The Foundational Liberal Arts

  1. Core Curriculum Review
  2. Liberal Arts Initiatives (e.g., preserving, strengthening, and integrating)

Imperative Three: Renewing Community Life & Culture

  1. Employee Recruiting & Onboarding (Leadership & Professional Development)
  2. Faculty & Staff as Disciple Makers
  3. Community Service (Community Engagement)

Imperative Four: Engaging the Marketplace

  1. College Advisory Boards (Professional & Civic Engagement)
  2. Higher Ed Partnerships
  3. Focused Industries (Health & Wellness, Energy, Education, Cyber/Data Programs)

Imperative Five: Planning for Continuous Improvement

  1. Academic Program Review
  2. Marketing and Brand Identity
  3. Comprehensive Financial Plan (e.g., Deferred Maintenance; Capital Campaign; Boost Alternative Revenue Sources)