The Christian Leader’s Worldview (Interview w/ Michael LaPierre)

How would a person know if he/she is operating with a Christian leadership worldview?

Michael LaPierre is the author of the book, The Christian Leader’s Worldview: A Framework for Successful Leadership and Living. Michael is a business executive who specializes in Christian leadership training and development. He is the founder and current President of Christian Leadership Worldview International ( Over his 32-year career, Michael worked with top-tier companies ranging from Fortune 50 to Fortune 500 organizations. A former minor league baseball player, his executive experiences include VP Sales, Director of Sales & Marketing, Director Global Sales Strategy, entrepreneur, church servant/deacon, and community leader. Mike’s passion is to see organizational leaders embrace and live out a Christian leadership worldview. He addresses the needs of leaders in venues such as seminars, keynote addresses, devotionals/chapel, workshops, mentoring, and motivational speaking.