Panel Discussion: Christian Women Entrepreneurs (w/ Tina Murray, Leah Faul, and Bonnie Helvie)


On this episode, you’ll hear extremely successful Christian women entrepreneurs share some of their experiences and lessons learned from the business world.

At the Center for Christianity in Business, we have luncheons twice per year where we have a speaker or panel of speakers discuss topics related to integrating biblical values in business. On this episode, you’ll have an opportunity to hear from the most recent panel, which consisted of extremely successful Christian women entrepreneurs about their experiences and lessons-learned in the business world.  

  • Tina Murray, President, Mind Dance Marketing, Inc.
  • Leah Faul, Owner and Lead Digital Strategist, 15000 Cubits
  • Bonnie Helvie, Owner and Executive Director of Bonnie Group and Market Partner at MONAT Global.

The panel discussion was moderated by Sharon Saunders, Vice President for Advancement and University Relations, Houston Christian University.

Questions explored in this episode:

  • What motivates someone to pursue entrepreneurship?
  • How can you integrate your faith into your business?
  • What does receiving mentorship look like as an entrepreneur?