About The Guild…

Established in November 1974 as the President’s Advisors, The Guild is a group of civic-minded, dedicated Christian women of many denominations joined under the auspices of the President of Houston Christian University to fulfill a unique role in the future growth and development of the University.

Members, committed to the challenge of building this pre-eminently Christian institution of higher learning, are given opportunities to work together, get to know each other socially and represent this institution in the Greater Houston community.

The Guild serves the University in a most significant way – it provides women in the Houston area an opportunity to participate in the ongoing development of Houston Christian University, filling needs which are not being met at the present time by any other University support group.

In 1994 The Guild recognized the need to provide a specific focus for the group’s fundraising efforts and to develop a meaningful program benefiting the University and the community through the creation of a graduate scholarship program.

In December of 2009, The Guild responded to The Ten Pillars, the University’s vision, as outlined by President Robert B. Sloan, with the creation of The Guild Institute in Christian Family Studies.