Message from the Executive Director

Sharon Saunders Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Sharon Saunders
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations

Dear Friends,

Houston Christian University …. what an exciting first year in the life of our new name!  In September 2022, Dr. Sloan announced our new name to the University family, friends, and the world. He assured all that the University’s mission and core convictions would remain the same, and that our historic Christian commitments have not and will not change. He also stated that HCU is a transformative place because of the support of friends like each of you.

There are so many facets in the process of a name change, and we are diligently working toward the rebranding of our name … changing signs, diplomas, the website and more … plus, creating a visual design … a new logo that can serve as an immediate and recognizable identity. The selection of our logo has been a lengthy and rewarding process, with feedback from many focus groups of alumni, friends, students, faculty, staff, and community leaders.

Of course, our prayer was that our new logo would represent HCU in keeping with the history of our institution. And I’m pleased to share that our selection process led us to choose the image of Belin Tower as the perfect visual representation of our University, in recognizing a family who has been historically involved with its development. This stately structure was dedicated in August 2015 to honor Dr. Bruce Belin through a gift from his wife, Mary Ann. As real estate developers, the Belins believed a special entrance was an important means to welcome family and guests. Belin Tower does just that at HCU.

The Belins were integral to many aspects of this University. From Endowed Scholarships to landmarks such as Belin Tower and Belin Chapel, their name is recognized for their Christian commitment to higher education and their love for our University.

I was honored to have known both Mary Ann and Bruce, as many of you did.  They both served on our Board of Trustees, and Mary Ann was instrumental in so many facets of The Guild, culminating with her leadership as President.

So … when you see the new logo of HCU, I know you will join me in recognizing the architectural significance of our special entrance to the University … and even more importantly, in remembering the lives of two outstanding Christian leaders who loved our University — Houston Christian University.

God bless Mary Ann and Dr. Bruce Belin.  And, God bless each of you!

Forever and always,