How Pornography Addiction Harms Leaders, Employees, and Companies (Interview w/ Ted Shimer)


On this episode, Ted Shimer explains how pornography addiction is harming individuals, families, companies, and society as a whole. He offers a proven roadmap to freedom from pornography addiction.   

Questions and lessons explored in this episode:

  • Alarming statistics about pornography:
    • 68% of church-going men use porn
    • 56% of divorces are attributed to a partner’s porn habit
    • 11 is the average age of first porn exposure
    • 50% of pastors view porn regularly
  • How does pornography addiction affect marketplace Christians and companies in particular?
  • How can pornography addiction be defeated?

About the guest:
Ted Shimer
is the Founder of The Freedom Fight, an online porn addiction recovery program. Ted has mentored men since 1991 with the collegiate ministry Student Mobilization. He received his Master of Biblical Studies from Dallas Seminary and was trained as a Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional-Supervisor. Ted has helped people overcome the bondage of pornography in the context of making disciples.

He’s the author of the new book, The Freedom Fight: The New Drug and the Truths That Set Us Free.

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