The Call to Collaborate with Marketplace Christians (Interview w/ Catherine Gates and Amy Cedrone)

On this episode, Catherine Gates and Amy Cedrone explain why marketplace Christians ought to collaborate more with each other. They also share how they’re facilitating collaborative efforts among Christian women in the marketplace.

Amy Cedrone is the Executive Director for Polished Network, an organization that emboldens women in their faith and work. Prior to Polished, Amy was a pastor for women and young adults at a large church in the Dallas Metroplex. She earned her Master’s degree in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary, and is currently pursing her doctorate, with a focus on Organizational Leadership, from Southern Methodist University.

Catherine Gates is Vice President of Business Partnerships for Polished Network. She is the author of The Confidence Cornerstone: A Woman’s Guide to Fearless Leadership. Catherine is on the steering committee for the National Faith & Work Association (

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