The Spiritual Art of Business (Interview w/ Barry Rowan)

Barry Rowan, former CFO of Gogo Inflights and author of The Spiritual Art of Business joins as a guest on the podcast.

On this episode, former CFO of GoGo Inflight Barry Rowan shares lessons on connecting faith and work from his new book, The Spiritual Art of Business.

Barry Rowan has served as a division general manager, led two private companies as CEO/President, and has been CFO for four public companies, including Fluke Corporation, Nextel Partners, Vonage, and Gogo.

Barry has served as a trustee for Seattle Pacific University (where he was also the founding chair for the Center for Integrity in Business) and Gordon College, the board of advisors for the Honors Program in Entrepreneurial Leadership at Gonzaga University, and as President of Bellevue Christian School. He has served on the national board of InterVarsity and chairs the board of the Harvard Business School Christian Fellowship and Alumni Association.

He’s the author of the new book, The Spiritual Art of Business: Connecting the Daily with the Divine.

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