Biblical Worldview and the Marketplace Webinars

Next virtual webinar: “Leading a Business by Following Jesus: Lessons from 50 Christian-Owned Companies”

October 25, 2023
11am – 12pm CST (12pm – 1pm EST)

Michael Zigarelli, Author and Professor, Messiah University

Cost: Free
Event sponsored by HCU’s Center for Christianity in Business 

Questions and topics explored in this webinar:

In this webinar, you’ll learn about eight practical expressions of the faith in Christian-owned businesses, including:

  • How they care for employees as family
  • How they fund faithful causes
  • How they use their business to introduce people to God
  • How they stand firm despite opposition to their faith-based decisions

About the presenter:
Michael Zigarelli
is Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Messiah University. His research in the fields of management, leadership and practical theology has appeared in several scholarly journals and magazines, and he is the author of twelve books, including Christian-Owned Companies, Influencing Like Jesus, and Management by Proverbs. Professor Zigarelli is also the creator of the Christianity 9 to 5 resource center and YouTube Channel, where more than two-million viewers across 130 countries have accessed his instructional videos.

Outside the classroom, one of his great passions is coaching soccer, primarily young men in high school and college. But his greater passion is family: Michael and his wife Tara have been blessed with four children and decades of marriage. You can reach Professor Zigarelli at