Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

MA Christian Counseling Degree (MACC)

The Master of Arts in Christian Counseling is the first program of its kind in North America. Bringing together the rich theological, spiritual and pastoral care traditions of Christianity with the clinical advances of contemporary psychotherapy and counseling, this degree enables a graduate to become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Texas (and states not requiring CACREP program certification). The MACC and the MA in Christian Psychology (MACP) programs at HCU share 80% of their courses. However, in contrast to the LPA, there are additional courses on trauma, substance abuse, ethics, advanced psychopathology, and career counseling.

Along with the MACP, this degree is distinguished by its thorough grounding in a Christian worldview (in contrast to the worldview of naturalism that dominates contemporary psychotherapy and counseling). However, graduates will be trained to practice effectively in both Christian and public mental health settings.

Our 72-hour MACC program includes 12 hours in Christian worldview studies (biblical studies, theology, and philosophy) and 6 hours of spiritual formation training, as well as the courses required for LPC, though they too are informed by Christian content, resulting in a program unique in the field of counseling: Christ-centered, biblically-rooted, and clinically informed.

Masters of Arts in Christian Counseling Degree Plan

For students seeking certification or licensure outside the State of Texas: Students seeking certification or licensure from any state other than Texas should check with their state licensing board to determine eligibility. Houston Christian University has not determined whether their program of study meets the other state licensure requirements.

Additional Application Requirements for the Christian Counseling MA

In accordance with best practices in the field of psychology/counseling, applicants who meet the requirements specified by the graduate school will be invited to an in-person interview. These interviews and orientation are typically held about once per month and may take up to four hours depending on the applicant pool. Interview spaces are limited, and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis; therefore, we encourage you to apply early. We remind you that your application must be completed before the deadline.

Top Reasons to Attend HCU’s Christian Counseling Masters Program

  1. The first Christian counseling program in North America based entirely on a Christian worldview. Therefore, it is Christ-centered, biblically rooted, and clinically informed.
  2. Only program in North America that provides “Two Community training,” equipping graduates 1) how to work uniquely with members of the Christian Community using evidence-based, distinctly Christian clinical practices, in a variety of settings (e.g., churches, private practice, Christian counseling centers, Christian mental health facilities, as well as public mental health settings open to it) as well as 2) how to work with members of the entire “Human Community,” using evidence-based clinical practices common to all, with sensitivity, compassion and wisdom, in public mental health settings of all kinds.
  3. Emphasis throughout the curriculum on personal growth and transformation in relation to Christ, self, and others.
  4. Scholarships are available based on academic promise and financial need.

Example Program Timeline

Fall Semester (3 credit hour classes)
Spring Semester (3 credit hour classes)
Year 1
COUN 5335 – Christian Spiritual Formation
COUN 5320 – Theories of Counseling
CHRI 5326 – The Bible and Wholeness: Context, Interpretation, and Formation
CHRI 5327 – God, Humans, and Salvation
PSYC 5317 – Christian Psychology and Counseling Theory
PHIL 5325 – Philosophy and Worldview Studies for Psychology & Counseling
COUN 5316 – Human Growth and Development
COUN 5310 – Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
Year 2
COUN 5314 – Methods and Techniques for Christian Counseling
COUN 5321 – Group Counseling and Psychotherapy
COUN 6321 – Career Counseling and Lifestyle Development
COUN 6310 – Clinical Psychopathology
COUN 5318 – Counseling Skills and Techniques
COUN 6309 – Assessment and Testing
PSYC 5318 – Biblical & Theological Foundations for Psychology & Counseling
COUN 6343 – Substance Abuse and Addictive Disorder
Year 3
COUN 6391 – Counseling Practicum
COUN 6392 – Counseling Internship I
COUN 5317 – Multicultural Counseling
COUN 6325 – Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
COUN 5311 – Advanced Ethics & Practice Management
COUN 6320 – Research Design and Program Evaluation
COUN 6322 – Marriage and Family Counseling
COUN 6323 – Crisis Response and Trauma Care
Subtotal: 36 hours
Subtotal: 36 hours
Total: 72