EPP Admissions and Requirements

Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) in Texas have additional admissions requirements beyond general degree requirements. These determine students’ readiness for certification exams and becoming educators in their fields. Apply by February 15 to begin in the fall or by September 15 to begin in the spring.

In addition to the requirements found here, HCU admission requirements apply to undergraduate and graduate applicants. Review general HCU admissions information and requirements.

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Undergraduate EPP Admission

Students will apply to HCU as first-year or transfer students and complete 45 credit hours as pre-education majors, holding a 2.5 GPA overall and in specific education and certification content. They will also complete an admission interview.

Then, applicants sit for the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) proficiency exam, which assesses skills in reading, math, writing, and speech. Acceptable minimum THEA scores for the EPP are 230 in Reading, 230 in Math, and 220 in Writing. If all sections are not passed, the exam can be taken again after a 14-day waiting period.

Applications for admittance into EPP are due the semester a pre-education student completes 45 hours and all other requirements as listed on the application.

Review undergraduate EPP process and requirements.
Complete the undergraduate EPP application.

Alternative Certification Admission

If you hold a bachelor’s degree, fill out the EPP application to apply for admission to begin graduate-level coursework. After 12 hours of coursework in certification areas, holding a minimum 2.5 GPA, enter into the educator preparation program Alternative Certification Pathway to move forward with pursuing initial certification to teach in Texas.

Application requirements include a short writing assignment, necessary entrance exams, an admission interview, and submission of previous academic transcripts.

Review more information about the Alternative Certification Pathway.
Complete the application for the Alternative Certification Pathway.

Graduate Admission

If you seek a graduate degree and professional teacher certification in Texas, apply to The Graduate School at HCU and choose the Master of Education or Doctor of Education program that best matches your goals.

When accepted, begin meeting with an advisor to create a course plan and gather application materials for EPP program admission. EPP graduate requirements include official transcripts, an admission interview, competency exams, and for those seeking initial certification in a graduate program, competency in certification area courses.

Review information about graduate admission requirements and process.
Complete the application for the graduate EPP pathway.

Transfer Prior Service and Experience

The Educator Preparation Program provides opportunities for veterans and other applicants to transfer credits from their previous education, teaching experience, and military service to the EPP program. However, these credits won’t be counted toward clinical or internship requirements.

To be eligible for credit transfer, your prior education, training, or experience must be directly related to your certification area and have come from an approved EPP or an accredited higher education institution within the last five years, or certain verified military service.

Resources for Military Credit for Veterans

Admission Requirements for Clinical Components

As required by the state of Texas and the Texas Education Agency, students pursuing field experiences in advance of certification and a career as a classroom teacher will need to undergo a criminal history background check and screening for misdemeanor or felony offense convictions.

Applications for clinical teaching are completed during EDUC 4100 for placement the following semester. Before starting student teaching, you will have completed prerequisite education coursework and worked with the EPP program office to receive placement.

Graduate students only: If you choose to clinical teach rather than complete a year of internship, submit an application by the sixth week of the semester before the clinical teaching semester. Email the EPP office to receive the clinical teaching application.

More Information and Policies

Educator Preparation Program Handbook

Clinical Teaching Handbook

Retention and Dismissal Policy

Review Institutional, State, and National Reports

EPPs must make available to the public an annual report and other sets of data containing institutional and state-level information, sharing measures of how well we prepare our educators for licensure and testing and comply with EPP standards.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Following the U.S. Department of Education regulations, Title IV institutions are required to share professional licensure disclosures.

We make an effort that our EPP curriculum is up to date with industry standards and meets the requirements for teacher certification in Texas.

If you are seeking teacher certification in a state other than Texas, we cannot ensure that this program meets requirements in other states. For the most accurate information regarding licensure in states other than Texas, review that state’s certification or department or entity’s data directly.

Submit Grievance

It’s simple and safe to file a complaint about Houston Christian University’s Educator Preparation Program. Our Director and faculty are committed to providing you with the training you need in the learning and teaching environments that meet standards of excellence.

Review information on how to submit a grievance or complaint.

Applying for Texas Educator Certification

The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and the Educator Preparation Program are right by your side as you fulfill all requirements and earn teacher or administrator certification in Texas, from creating your account with the Texas Education Agency certification portal to displaying the preparation and interpersonal skills that promote excellence in education and classroom instruction.

For standard, initial, and additional certifications (such as principal, school counselor, educational diagnostician, and superintendent), the process of applying for certification will be initiated after you have completed coursework, graduated from HCU’s EPP, and your degree if you pursued one, and passed the TExES exam required for the certification.

Visit TEA to apply for Texas educator certification and learn more.

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