Christopher Sneller, PhD

School of Christian Thought
Lecturer in Missional Theology


  • PhD, Historical Theology, King’s College London
  • MA, Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary
  • MA, Theological Studies, Covenant Theological Seminary
  • BA, Speech Communication & English, Texas A&M University

Courses Taught

  • Historical & Moral Theology
  • History of Christianity
  • Systematic Theology
  • Senior Seminar

Teaching Focus

Dr. Sneller has lived and taught in East Asia, Western Europe, and North America. He studies the global intersection of theology, culture, and education. His PhD dissertation, under the supervision of Prof. Alister McGrath, explored the impact of Union Theological Seminary (NY) on Christianity in twentieth century China. Dr. Sneller also teaches “Mission to International Students” at Columbia International University (Columbia, SC).

Publications & Presentations

Book Chapter: “The Role of Union Theological Seminary (New York) in Sinicising Christianity”
in Sinicising Christianity (Brill) Yang-wen Zheng & Richard Madsen (eds.) 2017

Journal Article: “Union Theological Seminary’s Dense Social Network in Twentieth Century Chinese Christianity” in Ching Feng, Vol 15, Nos. 1-2, 2016

Journal Article: “’Take Away Your Opium and Your Missionaries’: The Opium Wars (1839-1860) and the Chinese National Psyche” in Bible in Transmission, 2013

ETS Presentation: “The Holy Spirit in the Three-Self Movement: Exploring Ding Guangxun’s Pneumatology,” Denver 2018

EMS Presentation: “Honor Restored: The Compelling Story of Creating an Honor-Shame App,” Dallas 2018

AAR Presentation: “Reassessing John Sung’s Experience at Union Theological Seminary (NY),”
San Antonio 2016

AAR Presentation: “The Role of Union Theological Seminary (New York) in Indigenizing Christianity in 20th Century China,” Atlanta 2015

Conference Presentation: “The Role of Union Theological Seminary (NY) in the Glocalisation of Chinese Christianity,” Manchester 2014

Yale-Edinburgh Group Presentation: “The Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China as a Renewal Movement? Exploring the Role of Union Theological Seminary (New York) in the Formation of an Indigenous Chinese Church in the Twentieth Century,” University of Edinburgh 2012

Conference Presentation: “Christian Publication in and for China during the Second Sino-Japanese War: Examining the Impact of the YMCA’s Publications Department,” Andrew Walls Centre, Liverpool Hope University 2012

Organizational Memberships

American Academy of Religion (AAR),  Evangelical Theological Society (ETS), Association for Asian Studies (AAS), International Association for Missions Studies (IAMS) American Society of Church History (ASCH), American Society of Missiology (ASM), Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS), Yale-Edinburgh Group on the History of the Missionary Movement and Non-Western Christianity, Global Diaspora Network of Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (GDN) and Association of Christians Ministering Among Internationals (ACMI)

Additional Information

Dr. Sneller serves as the Director of Innovation for Bridges International. He has been married over 24 years and has six kids. In his free time he enjoys traveling, watching (and often lamenting) both Arsenal Football Club and Texas A&M football, doing CrossFit, and especially hanging out with his family. He has served on church teams in Houston, London, and Katy and loves encouraging pastors and future pastors.