Joshua Sikora

School of Fine Arts
Cinema, Media Arts, and Writing
  • Associate Professor of Cinema and New Media Arts
  • Chair, Department of Narrative Arts
  • Director, Graduate Programs for the School of Fine Arts
  • Director, Cinema and New Media Arts
  • Program Coordinator, Screenwriting (MFA), and Narrative Arts (BA)


  • MFA in Studio Art, Houston Christian University
  • BA in Film / Television / Radio, Biola University

Courses Taught

  • Cinematic Core Principles
  • The Art of Cinema & New Media
  • Writing for Cinema & New Media
  • Cinematography & Production
  • Media Studies: Directorial Debuts
  • Media Studies: Silent Cinema
  • Media Studies: The Films of George Lucas
  • Media Studies: The Films of Terrence Malick
  • Advanced Production
  • Senior Project

Teaching Focus

Mr. Sikora brings to the classroom a wide range of experience in the creation and distribution of successful new media productions, as well as a passion for cinematic theory and history. His goal is to help students develop a more thoughtful, artistic view of the medium and explore the wide range of opportunities now available to them.

Additional Information

Joshua Sikora is an award-winning filmmaker and new media entrepreneur who has written, produced, or directed more than a dozen productions including feature films, TV series, and documentaries. Committed to high-quality, low-budget filmmaking, he has a passion for the freedom and creativity that independent cinema offers.

In 2005, he founded New Renaissance Pictures, which has partnered with Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube for a variety of web-based productions. Two years later, he created, an online network for serialized media. The site is host to several series produced by Mr. Sikora, including “The Black Dawn” — a multi-platform franchise that includes a web series, a feature film, and an internationally-syndicated TV series. With millions of viewers around the world, Mr. Sikora’s productions were dubbed by YouTube “some of the best dramas the web has to offer.”

On Hulu — the leading website for studio-produced content — Mr. Sikora’s shows have been some of the most popular independent series available, on occasion outperforming network TV shows like “The Office” and “Chuck”. He is a pioneer in low-budget production workflows and his commitment to excellence has ensured that New Renaissance productions have been successful both in viewership and artistic quality. He is regularly asked to speak on the development of online media and the trajectory new technologies are taking the media industry.

Before joining HCU’s faculty, Mr. Sikora was also an adjunct professor at Biola University, teaching film and new media in the Torrey Honors Institute and the Cinema & Media Arts Department. Through New Renaissance Pictures, Mr. Sikora has actively mentored many film students through internships, which was one of the primary motivations for his move into full-time academic work at Houston Christian University.

Select Filmography

  • Manifest Destiny (2016) Executive Producer
  • “The Seventh Spectrum” (2013 – 2014) Executive Producer, Creator
  • “The Tesla Archive” (TV Pilot) Executive Producer, Creator, Writer
  • “Cataclysmo” (TV Series) Executive Producer, Director, Writer
  • “Best Laid Plans” (2010 – 2011) Executive Producer, Creator, Director
  • “The Black Dawn” (TV Series) Executive Producer, Director, Writer
  • The Black Dawn: Catalyst (2009) Director, Producer, Writer
  • The Black Dawn (2009) Executive Producer
  • Choices (2008) Executive Producer, Story
  • Cataclysmo and the Battle for Earth (2008) Executive Producer, Writer
  • Cataclysmo and the Time Boys (2007) Executive Producer, Writer
  • Project X (2007) Director, Producer, Writer
  • The Deserted (2006) Executive Producer, Producer
  • Be the Man (2006) Producer