Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships allow donors to leave a legacy through providing a permanent asset that benefits students with a lasting gift –a world class education based not only on academics, but the teaching of Christ.

Donors solidify their personal connection to HCU through this gift. Houston Christian University continues to attract bright, Christian men and women, but today, many potential students are weighing their options more closely than they have in the past. Strong scholarship programs can mean the difference between a student continuing their education or abandoning their professional and personal ambitions.

At Houston Christian University, we aim to provide the scholarships needed to attract the best and brightest students. Without scholarship aid, very few students would have access to the world-class Christian education that HCU offers. Many of our alumni and friends agree that assisting these young people in their pursuit of a Christian education is a mission opportunity.

You can invest in our future by providing the financial means for deserving students, year after year, through an endowed scholarship. Many agree that there is no better way to honor or memorialize a friend, loved one, or mentor than by investing in the lives of young men and women.

To learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship, please contact our Office of Advancement by calling 281-649-3222 or emailing advancement@hc.edu

  • What is an endowed scholarship?

    An endowed scholarship is a major gift to the university in which the capital in the endowed scholarship is preserved so that the gift can last indefinitely. Per our policies, the principal amount must remain untouched for three years to establish interest, then the interest is awarded annually to a deserving student.

  • How does it work?

    The University’s investment policy requires a three year waiting period prior to awarding the scholarship to allow the corpus to provide sufficient earnings. Should the donor wish to provide an immediate award, a gift may be made to represent the earnings in addition to the endowment gift.

    After the three year establishment period, funds are awarded annually to deserving students. The Financial Aid office distributes these awards according to the endowed scholarship agreement and the student recipient’s needs.

    Scholarships are awarded from earnings, and the principal amount of the fund is preserved. Should the value of the scholarship go below the corpus, there will be no scholarship distribution.

  • How can I set up an endowed scholarship?

    The minimum principal balance required to establish an endowed scholarship at Houston Christian University is $25,000 with an annual contribution or pledge to complete the scholarship within three years. This gift can be made through cash, check, credit, or stocks, and the full gift can be made immediately, or planned giving can be established.

    The total requirement to establish a named endowed fund is $75,000.

    For an endowed scholarship funded at $150,000, a donor will be designated a member of the President’s Society with special University recognition.

    HCU will prepare a scholarship agreement for the donor’s signature that includes standard scholarship guidelines as well as any personal preferences.

    The standard selection criteria for awarding HCU scholarships are approved by the HCU Student Financial Aid Office.