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Username and Password Help

Let Me In is a service that supports password reset or account unlock due to failed password attempts for ONE LOGIN.  ONE LOGIN is an HCU initiative designed to consolidate the number of usernames and passwords required to login to systems and services provided by HCU.

All HCU; students, faculty/staff, and administrative users MUST ENROLL in the new self-service password reset portal.  You will be required to set up an alternate email address (not, along with personal secret security questions as your method for resetting your password or unlocking your account.  Additionally, HCU is offering a new smartphone-based method of user authentication and resetting your password – Google Authenticator.  The Google Authenticator App must be downloaded on your smartphone from iTunes Store or Google Play Store; the link is available on the ENROLLMENT screen.

Then, the next time you forget your password, you can go to

  1. Authenticate using your secret questions setup during enrollment
  2. Authenticate by having a reset code sent the alternate email address setup during enrollment
  3. Authenticate via smartphone app – Google Authenticator (Available in iTunes Store or Google Play Store)

Once authenticated; you have access to set your new password or unlock an account due to too many failed attempts to enter your password.  You will no longer be required to call the Help Desk or open a request ticket to obtain password reset services.