Houston Christian University Brand Guide

Introduction to the HCU Brand Guide

As a national, comprehensive university, the growth and reputation of HCU depends in part on the University’s “brand.” Every time a future student, researching parent, potential donor or even employee engages with materials produced by HCU, perceptions are shaped about HCU’s values, quality, characteristics, beliefs and more.

Within HCU, we’re doing our best to ensure that communications and even products reflect well upon the University.

The Brand Guide was compiled by HCU’s Department of Innovation and Strategic Marketing (ISM) to help all HCU departments present a unified standard in communications materials. We can all agree that we’d like Houston Christian University to be, and to appear, the best that it can be!

This guide is applicable to all areas of the University, particularly to communications and products directed to external audiences.

All University-affiliated and student organizations are required to follow the brand guidelines as well.

Please find guidelines to follow for items including logo use, photography, videography, copywriting and more. These standards allow for consistent and professional messaging that furthers our mission of providing “A Higher Education.”



This guide is not comprehensive. ISM welcomes any questions regarding the proper use of this guide, or about special circumstances, processes and procedures, as well as best practices. If there is anything you are unable to find in this publication, please contact us. Important additions will be considered for the next revision.