Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate Coursework


Pre-Health Coursework Description

HCU’s Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate coursework will academically prepare students with a bachelor’s degree for a health profession school (i.e. Medical, Physician Associate, Dental, Pharmacy, or Graduate School in the Biological or Chemical Sciences). In addition to academic preparation with graduate-level courses, students will be guided through the application and admission process for health profession schools with application workshops and mock admission interviews. The HCU Pre-Health Post-Baccalaureate coursework is designed to give students an opportunity to further their educational journey toward a Health Profession or Graduate school by offering pre-requisite and recommended courses with a faith-centered curriculum.

Pre-Health Coursework Distinctives

Complete all the prerequisites for health profession schools, such as Medical, Dental, and Physician Associate School in classes with an average size of 25 or less students.

Personalized feedback on your health profession school application, personal statement, and mock-interview.

Eligibility for the Health Professions Packet if all requirements are met.

Pre-Health Coursework Structure

In order to be eligible for the Health Professions Packet a student must:

  • Complete at least 12 Credit Hours (3 to 4 Graduate-Level Biology or Chemistry Courses)
  • Complete all requirements in the Health Professions Advisory Committee Process

Health Professions Packet

The Health Professions Packet (HPP) is the preferred letter of recommendation by the Health Profession schools.  This packet includes a cover letter from the Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) containing information summarized from committee process (mandatory self-assessment, workshops and mock interview) and letters of evaluation from HCU faculty in support of students’ application (min and max of 3).

In order to request the Health Professions Packet an HCU student must:  

  1. Complete required Self-Assessment by published deadlines 
  2. Request individual letters from COSE faculty and staff. Students approved for the HPP will ask faculty and staff to submit letters to the Professional Experience Office PXO ( Students not approved for the HPP will ask recommenders of their choice to submit letters directly to the health profession school.
  3. Complete 30 semester hours at HCU of which 16 hours are science courses.
  4. Complete at least 90% of pre-requisites courses for the intended Health Profession.
  5. Notify the Professional Experience Office ( and indicate their intention to apply to a health profession school.
  6. Attend three (3) workshops designed to acquaint students with the health professions application services, the format of an impactful personal statement and the expectations of applicants at interviews.
  7. Attend a 30-minute scheduled interview (Mock Interview) with the Health Professions Advisory Committee during the spring semester prior to application submission.
  8. Meet the following requirements
  • 3.0 or above overall GPA
  • 3.0 or above Science and Math GPA
  • Experience beyond high school with healthcare and/or research
  • Participation in COSE Health Professions events
  • Leadership
  • Student organization involvement
  • Faculty/staff Interaction – need maximum of 3 faculty and/or staff letter writers

Health Professions Student Guidelines

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental prerequisite courses may change at any time without notice to Houston Christian University. A current list of requirements for admission is maintained in the Professional Experience Office of the College of Science and Engineering.