Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

For On-Campus Students
Tuition rates for HCU full-time undergraduate students are based on a flat or “block” tuition. This block rate will allow students to take from 12-18 credit hours per semester for a fixed amount.

Tuition Rates*
Full-time (flat rate 12-18 semester hours)
$17,750 per semester
Semester hours in excess of 18

$795 per semester hour

Part-time (less than 12 hours per semester)

$1,465 per semester hour


$595 per semester hour

Estimated Annual Tuition*
For 12-18 semester hours (2 semesters)


Technology and General Fees (2 semesters)


Total Tuition and Fees


* Does not include course-specific and/or special user fees.

Fall and Spring Fees

Technology Fee
$550 per semester, $1,100 per year

General Student Fee
$675 per semester, $1,350 per year

Total Fees
$1,225 per semester, $2,450 per year

Summer Fees

Technology Fee

General Fee

Total Summer Fees

Course-Specific and Special User Fees

Art Studio Fee (per course)
Athletic Training Fee (per course)
Audit Fee – No credit given (per semester hour)
Education Field Based Course Fee (per course)
Education Testing Fee (per course)
General Fee – Fall/Spring (per semester whether full/part-time)
General Fee – Summer
Husky Bucks – Fall/Spring commuter/residential students (per semester)
International Fee (per semester)
Kinesiology Fee (per course)
Late Payment Fee – Missed/late payment plan payments
Late Registration Fee – On/after first day of class
Late Settlement Fee – On/after census date
Matriculation Fee (first semester only)
Music Accompanist Fee – Voice lessons only (per course)
Music Accompanist Fee – Instrumental lessons only (per course)
Music Accompanist Opera Fee (per course)
Music Lit Fee (per course)
Music Private Lesson Fee (per credit hour)
Narrative Arts Facilities Fee
Narrative Equipment Fee
Narrative Production Fee
Nursing Lab Fee (per course)
Nursing Malpractice Fee (per semester)
Official Transcripts
Online Course Fee (per credit hour)
Parking Fee (annual)
Payment Plan Modification Fee – More than one payment plan modification
Peregrine Fee (per course)
Science Computer Lab Fee (per course)
Science Laboratory Fee (per course)
Senior Citizens – Age 60+ (per credit hour)
TEA EPP Fee (per course)
Technology Fee – Fall/Spring (per semester whether full/part-time)
Technology Fee – Summer
Unofficial Transcripts, Enrollment Verifications and Statement of Standing
No Charge
All Fees Are Non-Refundable

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Scholarships and Grants

HCU strives to make educational programs a viable option for all qualified students through opportunities for scholarships, grants and other types of financial aid. For additional information on scholarships, grants and loans visit HC.edu/FinancialAid.