HCU and the Blackstone Institute

As director of HCU’s Institute of Christianity and Scholarship I’m pleased to introduce you to a friend of the University, the Blackstone Institute led by Dr. Virginia Armstrong.  You can visit the homepage of the Blackstone Institute at https://blackstoneinstitute.org/.

Dr. Armstrong is a legal scholar and a pillar of evangelical protestant life.  You can read more about her at https://blackstoneinstitute.org/our-founder/.

On this page you will find a variety of resources.  I encourage you to visit the Blackstone Institute and learn more about their important ministry.


Dr. Philip Tallon


The Blackstone Institute is home to a ministry committed to unique research and education that develops leadership, and activates Americans to effectively define and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview of the U. S. Constitution and legal system in today’s Culture War. We give particular attention to judges and judicial decisions, but view them within the worldview framework. This worldview perspective enables us to understand in an interrelated manner the U. S. Constitution, jurisprudence – or philosophy of law – the cutting-edge legal and cultural issues of our time, and the law-related truths of other areas, such as: philosophy, theology, and their various interrelationships. Working with others of like mind, we function within the framework set forth in 1 Peter 3:15-16.

We are living in a judicialized post-law America….

Join us in the Spring  of 2024 for a Penetrating New Perspective on:
“Uprooting America’s Taproot of Truth:
Living in a Judicialized Post-Law America”

PURPOSE  OF THIS “Blackstone Blitz Course 1.1”: to educate and activate  America’s leaders  and future leaders to effectively define and defend the Judeo-Christian worldview (our “taproot”) in today’s Culture Wars. We focus on the hegemonic role of the courts (our “judicialized America”) and the radical results of that phenomenon (the reset of America into a “post-law society”).


  1. Contemporary American culture is an “alphabet soup society” consisting of intermingled, almost indistinguishable, ingredients; transgenderism is the newest, and most radical, ingredient of this miasmic mixture.
  2. The Judeo-Christian community must address this cultural chaos by (a.) distinguishing the ingredients; (b.) revealing their interrelationships; and (c.) planning and pursuing an effective blueprint for reversing this reset.
  3. The major ingredients of this alphabet soup include (a.) theology (the basic “taproot”), which originally prevailed in orthodox Judeo-Christian purity in America and Western Europe, but now has morphed into radical Humanistic form in Europe (1800s-present) and America (1900s-present); (b.) philosophy, the immediate offshoot of the taproot, taking the plunge into radicalism parallel to that of theology; (c.) the “culture,” including the arts and technology, which have been vital communication conduits through which radicalized, poisonous Humanism has poured from its sources among the intelligentsia and the counter-culture into the life of mainstream America; (d.) cataclysmic events in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century America and the world (e.g., the Vietnam War, the “Great Society,” etc.) which have so powerfully catalyzed the rooting and spreading of radicalized thought and activity throughout society.
  4. Judeo-Christians have both the mandate and the muscle to effectively fight the Culture Wars.


  1. WHEN: This first course of our 2024 Blackstone Blitzes will be offered live, via zoom, on these Tuesday evenings: Jan. 23 and 30; Feb. 6, 13, 20, and 27; and March 19 and 26, 7:00-8:30 pm (CST). Recordings will be available to students having to miss a live session.
  2. WHO can participate: Students ages older high school through adult, especially those who are leaders, or potential leaders, of the Judeo-Christian movement.
  3. HOW does one join? By going to https://blackstoneinstitute.org and clicking the “DONATE” button. Just complete the form, including a course payment of $150.00 (or more if you would like to donate as well as register!).

 THE PROFESSOR: Virginia Armstrong, Ph.D. (public law): President, Blackstone Institute for Law & Worldview; Affiliate Professor, Constitutional Apologetics, Houston Christian University; National Director, Eagle Forum’s Law & Worldview Program

Copyright © 2023 by V. C. Armstrong


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