Mission Metacognition

Mission Metacognition will be implemented over a five-year timeline, beginning in the fall of 2022. It will focus on improving student study skills in transformative ways; creating a body of information about thinking and the learning process that will enhance student success. Beginning with the first semester of their freshman year, students will be proactively taught learning strategies that foster understanding, application, and analysis. The Office of the Provost will oversee faculty and staff development that will guide implementation, allowing professors and Student Success coaches to reinforce these strategies and attitudes in classes from all fields of study.


The purpose of Mission Metacognition is to instill and foster academic tenacity among HCU undergraduate students in order to support persistence and academic success. We will cultivate a learner-centered environment that supports the purposeful development of a growth mindset and key metacognitive skills beginning in their first year at HCU. With this foundation HCU students will exhibit self-regulated learning throughout the undergraduate careers which increases their academic progress, college retention, and graduation rates.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to recognize a fixed mindset and identify strategies to develop a growth mindset, leading to academic success.

Students will develop and strengthen key metacognitive skills that support academic tenacity in HCU courses which historically are associated with a high DFW rate and which may impede the academic progress of a significant number of students.

Operational Outcomes

The number of first-year students who earn a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester will increase

The freshmen-to-sophomore retention rates will increase

Over the five years of implementation overall retention rates and graduation rates will increase