Master of Arts in History
History Masters Program Description

The mission of the Master of Arts in History (MAH) is to develop students who are equipped to learn, teach, and write about history in the light of the Christian faith.

The History masters degree is ideal for students who have completed undergraduate study and wish to sharpen their knowledge of history; current teachers who want to enhance their classroom expertise in history and related disciplines; and budding scholars who aim to pursue doctoral studies in history and a career in higher education.

The course of study in the History masters program consists of 30 credit hours of classes on scholarly research, the philosophy of history, European and American history, and a variety of more specialized topics. A 30-hour thesis track includes up to six hours in the writing of a thesis and demonstrated competency in a foreign language. The thesis track is available on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the Department of History and Great Texts.

Program Distinctives of the History Masters Degree

  • Part-time or full-time enrollment available
  • Evening classes
  • Small class sizes
  • Focus on integration of faith and learning
  • Distinguished Christian scholars as faculty
  • Attention to the professional development of each student

History Masters Program Faculty

The program’s faculty include David J. Davis, Sara Frear and Robert Llizo. All are experienced, accomplished professors with doctoral degrees from institutions such as Auburn, LSU, Princeton, Claremont Graduate University and the University of Exeter. They have diverse teaching and research interests including ancient Greece and Rome; the Early Church; medieval theology, philosophy and monasticism; the Protestant Reformation; women’s history; and the history of the unborn child. Program faculty have devoted their professional work to some dimension of the interaction between the Christian faith and the human past. They are ready and eager guides for students who wish to travel the same path.

After Graduation

History Masters program graduates are well-equipped to teach history and related subjects at levels ranging from junior high to junior college. They are also prepared to undertake doctoral studies in history. Graduates will be ready to contribute to the presentation of history through a variety of other platforms, including writing and museum and archival work.

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[PDF]Master of Arts in History (Non-Thesis Track Requirements)
[PDF]Accelerated Master of Arts in History (Thesis Track) Requirements
[PDF]Accelerated Master of Arts in History (Non-Thesis Track Requirements)

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