Sociology (minor)

Sociology is the study of our human world. Courses in this program will better prepare you to understand how the world we live in works. The social world is a dynamic experience filled with expectations, interactions and rules. It is constantly changing, yet there is so much of our life together that remains consistent through time.

When you study sociology, it will help you to make more accurate predictions about how people act when in a variety of social situations.

Sociology will explore today’s current business environment, the changing structure of our families and even how religious organizations like the local Christian church adapt to be more effective. This is a great area of study for students who are considering careers in:

  • Business
  • Health Careers
  • Public Service
  • Ministry

Whatever you have decided to study, adding courses or a minor in sociology will strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the very world in which you will work, live, love and serve.

“Man’s characteristic privilege is that the bond he accepts is not physical but moral; that is, social. He is governed not by a material environment brutally imposed on him, but by a conscience superior to his own, the superiority of which he feels. Because the greater, better part of his existence transcends the body, he escapes the body’s yoke, but is subject to that of society.”  – Emile Durkheim

What we discover in sociology is that mankind is not a collection of biological instincts or psychological urges. Instead, we are all formed and influenced by the people all around us every day. Your study of sociology will enable you to better understand the powerful forces of the social environment and how to better navigate your future.

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