How Business Professionals Are Supporting Nonprofits with Time and Talent (Interview w/ Becky Turner)


On this episode, Becky Turner shares how Christian business professionals can support nonprofits with their skill sets … not just with their money. 

Questions and lessons explored in this episode:

  • How does Barnabas Group connect business professionals with nonprofits where they can offer their skill sets?
  • What are some real-world examples of business professionals using their skills to help a nonprofit organization?
  • What level of commitment is Barnabas Group expecting these business professionals to provide to these nonprofits?
  • How does Barnabas Group exhort Christian business professionals to serve nonprofits without downplaying the potential eternal value of the work they do in the for-profit business world?

About the guest:

Becky Turner is the National Managing Partner for The Barnabas Group, which provides opportunities to support Christian nonprofit organizations with their God-given expertise and skill sets.

She is also the President and Founder of KBT Consulting and serves women in life coaching and non-profits in strategic planning and development.

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