How Storytelling in Business Expresses the Christian Faith (Interview w/ Michelle Prince)


On this episode, Michelle Prince shares how storytelling in business can be an expression of the Christian faith, and she introduces the process she uses to help her clients tell their stories.

About the guest:
Michelle helps people use the strengths and talents God has given them (seeds of greatness) to successfully lead in business and life. She is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, publishing expert, Cru Senior Leadership Initiative coach, and founder of Performance Publishing Group. She’s helped thousands become published authors to get their message out and make a difference. Her latest book is The Power of Authority (you can’t spell authority without author) that helps people get their message out and learn how to leverage it to grow their business. She uses her foundational Principles of Success to help ignite their God-given gifts and create a successful & joyful business that glorifies God.

She was co-host of the Zig Ziglar podcast and was named his ambassador to continue his legacy. She is working on her latest book, S.H.I.N.E to encourage people to share their story.

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