DMin Costs and Scholarships

The Doctor of Ministry program  at Houston Theological Seminary  is designed to be a formative experience for Christian leaders. Our program is designed to be affordable and accessible for those that already have constraints on your time and budget, not least to the program being generously funded to provide significant scholarships. Costs and scholarships are broken out below based on doctoral and masters bridging levels.

Base Cost (Doctoral Level)

The base cost of the DMin program reflects the value of the experience, and it has three core structures. With the generous financial support almost everyone will be eligible for support to offset these costs. See the Cost Calculator.

  • Tuition: $720/hr @ 30 hours = $21,600
  • Fees: $250/sem @ 6 semesters = $1,500
  • Supervision: $275/sem @ 6 semesters = $1,650
  • Total (Sticker) Price: $24,750

Scholarships (Doctoral Level)

The great value of the program reflected in the base cost is equally matched by scholarship support to make it a great economic value as well. There are two key scholarships to support this program:

  • HCU Alumni: $3,000 ($500/semester)
  • Cole Scholarship: 25% to 75% of tuition, based off strength of application
  • BGCT Scholarship: $4,500 ($150/hr)

Col. Newt Cole has been a great friend to HTS through the years, and he recognized the importance of supporting leaders in the church who are biblically founded and culturally aware. Before he passed in 2021, he generously endowed this program so that almost all who attend will receive some level of support.

The application process is administered through Graduate Admissions. We will have an initial processing of the Cole Scholarship applications on April 1 , and then a secondary assessment for later applicants on June 15.

Among other questions on the Cole Scholarship application, these will be primary:

  • Briefly describe 1) your current focus in ministry and future goals and 2) how your ministry relates to your primary vocation, if distinct.
  • How do you see the HTS DMin program shaping your present ministry and future ministry goals? In particular, are there specific aspects of the HTS program that will shape your ministry?
  • Please describe any circumstances (personal, family, ministry, etc.) that affect your financial ability to participate in the program.
  • Do you expect to receive any funds from your church or organization to support your participation in this program?

Costs and Scholarship (Masters Bridging Level)

For those that need masters level bridging hours:

  • Net Tuition: $520/hr*
  • Fees: $250/sem
  • BGCT Scholarship: $150/hr

* The base tuition is $720/hr, but this is offset by an automatic scholarship of $200/hr. This scholarship is only available to those who have formally applied and been admitted into the DMin program.

Note: Since the DMin degree is considered a “residential” degree, HCU charges an additional $80/hr “online” fee when students take their bridging hours online as part of the DMin program degree plan.

More Information

Explore more detailed information about the DMin program:

Feel free to contact Richard Olds, the administrator of the DMin program, directly so he can help shape a program that fits your interests,, or call the DMin office at 281-649-3383.