DMin New Testament Track

The Doctor of Ministry program  at Houston Theological Seminary is designed to be a formative experience for Christian leaders who want to be subject-matter experts. The New Testament Track allows leaders to achieve doctoral-level biblical competency by engaging cutting-edge research in New Testament Studies so they can better communicate and embody the reality of God’s word in your local setting. Come study with the likes of noted New Testament scholars like Lynn Cohick, Craig Evans, and Ben Blackwell.

Key Areas of Study

  • Jesus, the Gospels, and the Kingdom of God
  • Paul and the Ancient Mediterranean World
  • Second Temple Judaism
  • Theological Interpretation and Missional Hermeneutics
  • Historical Context and Archaeology
  • Theological Anthropology and Soteriology

Though not limited to the courses listed here, the catalog descriptions of the 7000-level classes will give you a sense of the direction of the electives. Faculty expertise and student interest will help guide the selection of electives for any semester.

New Testament Faculty

HTS is particularly suited for this track since our faculty is active in international-level research, and we have one of the largest New Testament faculties in the world, including…

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More Information

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We would love to have you join our community of faith, as you take this next step in your leadership development. Please contact Richard Olds, the administrator of the DMin program, for more information: or call the DMin office at 281-649-3152.