Go Deeper

Spring 2024

This course will examine women’s lives in the New Testament and Early Church, alongside the wider Greco-Roman world and Second Temple Judaism by studying the biblical text, literary sources, and archaeological evidence. This course will explore women’s participation in and contributions to the Christian story in the first five centuries and discuss women’s participation in the church today.

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Join us at Lanier Theological Library or via Zoom to study the art of apologetics with Dr. William Lane Craig. This course will survey the basic issues in Christian apologetics with the world’s leading debating apologist. Students and surveyors can read along, listen in, and ask Dr. Craig questions.

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Christianity was born during an era of Roman political dominance and Greek cultural dominance. Anyone who wants a firm grasp of the New Testament and early Christian history should be acquainted with the politics, philosophies, customs, and religions of the ancient Greco-Roman world. Why were Christians persecuted? What were the philosophical and religious beliefs of their listeners? In what ways did Christian evangelists use the language of their culture? In what ways did Christian practices break away from Greco-Roman ones? Come learn, as we read the Greek and Roman authors, including Cicero, Seneca, Plutarch, Epictetus, Suetonius, Lucian, and more!

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Go Deeper classes are intended to virtual surveyors, though there may be some space for in-person classroom attendance. Speak with the instructor to see if in-person attendance is possible.