School of Christian Thought Faculty


David Baggett, PhD
Professor of Philosophy, Director, Center for the Foundations of Ethics
Atwood I 227
Austin Freeman, PhD
Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Chair, Department of Apologetics
Atwood I 229
Michael Licona, PhD
Professor of New Testament Studies, Program Coordinator, Christian Leadership (MA) and the Master of Divinity (MDiv)
Holly Ordway, PhD
Visiting Professor of Apologetics
Nancy Pearcey
Professor of Apologetics, Scholar-in-Residence, Elizabeth and John Gibson Endowed Chair in Apologetics
Atwood I 210
Mary Jo Sharp
Assistant Professor of Apologetics, Program Coordinator, Apologetics (Minor and MA), External Networking Apologist
Michael Ward, PhD
Professor of Apologetics, Director, C.S. Lewis Centre

Classics and Biblical Languages

Timothy Brookins, PhD
Professor of Early Christianity, Program Coordinator, Biblical Languages (BA, MA), Classics (BA), Program Coordinator, Classics and Early Christianity (MA)
Atwood I 216
Phillip Marshall, PhD
Associate Professor of Biblical Languages
Atwood I 234


Lynn Cohick
Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Director, Houston Theological Seminary
Atwood I 217
Lora Doremus, MA
Lecturer in Spiritual Formation
Atwood I 219
Craig Evans, PhD
John Bisango Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins
Atwood I 226
Robert Gagnon, PhD
Professor of Theology, Program Coordinator, Biblical Studies (BA) and Integrated Behavioral Studies (BA), HBU Lectureship in New Testament Theology
Atwood I 214
Randy Hatchett, PhD
Professor of Theology, Program Coordinator, Theological Studies (BA), Program Coordinator, Christian Ministry (BA)
Atwood I 230
Jason Maston, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology, Associate Dean, School of Christian Thought, Director, BA to MDiv Program
Atwood I 228
Richard Olds
Visiting Lecturer in Theology, Faculty in Residence
Richard Olds, MA
Visiting Lecturer, Faculty-in-Residence
Atwood I 232
Paul Sloan, PhD
Associate Professor of Early Christianity, Chair, Department of Theology, Program Coordinator, Theological Studies (MA), QEP Implementation Committee Member
Atwood I 236
Christopher Sneller, PhD
Lecturer in Missional Theology
Felisi Sorgwe, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology, Director, Center for Exploring Ministry Careers
Atwood I 224
Philip Tallon, PhD
Associate Professor of Theology, Dean, School of Christian Thought
Atwood I 238

Diana Severance, PhD

Director, Dunham Bible Museum

Morris Cultural Arts Center