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This is a listing of works published in the past year by School of Christian Thought faculty.


Timothy Brookins

Previous scholarship that has examined Paul’s letters in
light Timothy Brookins Portray of Greco-Roman rhetoric has focused predominantly on their argumentative strategies (inventio) and overall arrangement (dispositio). In this book Brookins turns attention to the heretofore underexplored area of style (elocutio). With complete coverage of ten of the thirteen letters in the Pauline corpus, the book evaluates these letters according to the standards of the major stylistic virtues.


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Lynn  Cohick

“The Dictionary of Paul and His Letters: A Compendium of Lynn Cohick Portray
Contemporary Biblical Scholarship” is a reference book that provides in-depth, up-to-date information on the life, letters, theology, and impact of the apostle Paul in the New Testament. Written by a team of over 70 internationally recognized scholars, the dictionary covers a wide range of topics related to Paul’s life and works, including historical background, literary style, theological concepts, and cultural context. The book aims to be a comprehensive resource for students, scholars, and anyone interested in understanding Paul’s legacy in early Christianity.

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Craig Evans

Craig Evans PortrayA two-volume reassessment of the various attempts to uncover the true identity, teachings, and intentions of Jesus throughout history. The book covers the origins and underlying presuppositions of these quests, as well as their ongoing influence on today’s biblical and theological scholarship. It emphasizes the importance of hermeneutics in formulating questions and seeking answers.


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Ben Blackwell and Jason Maston

This book brings together a series of accessible essays that compare and contrast the theology and hermeneutical practices of the book of Hebrews with various early Jewish literature. Going beyond an introduction that merely surveys historical events and theological themes. Examines individual passages in Second Temple Jewish literature in order to illuminate
the ideas and emphases of Hebrews’ varied discourses.


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Nancy Pearcey

How did the idea arise that masculinity is dangerous and Nancy Pearcey Portray destructive? Nancy Pearcey leads you on a fascinating excursion through American history to discover why masculinity turned toxic and how to fix it. Religion is often cast as a cause of domestic abuse. Research shows that Christian men test out as the most loving and engaged husbands and fathers. They have the lowest rates of divorce and domestic violence. Domestic abuse is an urgent issue, and Pearcey does not mince words in addressing it. The sociological facts explode the negative stereotypes and show that Christianity has the power to overcome  toxic behavior in men

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Mary Jo Sharp

Mary Jo Sharp PortrayIntroducing a fresh approach to top-quality biblical media that resonates with a new generation. This content aims to inspire young believers to explore their faith with curiosity and engage in deeper discussions about the tough questions that arise. Darkroom is a 14 episode video series based on real student stories. Here, our goal is to give teens (age 13-17) the OK for doubts and questions, which are a normal aspect of faith development. We also want them to feel comfortable talking openly and digging deeper into their faith.

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Felisi Sorgwe book

Felisi Sorgwe

Referring to the promise as “a gem that has
stayedSorgwe_Felisi Portray hidden in plain sight,” Felisi Sorgwe
calls on readers to claim the promise for themselves.
He notes that when God promises, “I will be with you,”
he means everyone, including the person you
see when you look in the mirror.



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