Workshops and Symposiums

A key initiative of the Morris Family Center for Law & Liberty is to promote the study of American History and our nation’s Founding Principles to students, educators, civic organizations, and business leaders. We host constitutional academies for Houston-area students, lectures for civics groups, and workshops for teachers. We want to endow these educational programs to reach as many Texans as possible and welcome the opportunity to network with local organizations who can make this outreach possible.

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Past Workshops

Understanding the Federalist Papers: A Workshop for Teachers
January 22, 2022 | 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM CST

Steve Edenbo portraying Thomas Jefferson in historical costume stands beside Dr. Chris Hammons

What Teachers are Saying

“Such an excellent endeavor!”
—Alex, Assistant Headmaster, Dallas Workshop

“Engaging, lively and educational!”
—Katherine, High School Teacher, Dallas Workshop

“Worth the time and effort to attend!”
—Roger, Private School Teacher, Houston Workshop


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