The Importance of Our Mission

We want our students and all those who pass through these doors to understand and appreciate the blessings of liberty and our nation’s founding principles.

This building was a gift to the University and our students from people like you who believe in passing down our constitutional culture to the next generation. While the building honors our nation’s past, it is dedicated to our nation’s future. It represents our commitment to pass down our constitutional culture to the next generation and ask tough questions: What kind of people are we? What kind of nation do we want to live in? How do we protect liberty and achieve justice for all?

We need your help to continue our academic programming, recruit students, and maintain this wonderful facility as we teach the importance of our nation’s founding principles to the next generation. Will you help?

Contact or call 281-649-3270 for more information about how you can help, or make a donation using the button below.

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young children participate in a mock signing of the constitution wearing historical costumes


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