Jacob Eige (1885-1946) and Mathilde Jurgensen, married July  23, 1902

Jacob Eige (1885-1946) and Mathilde Jurgensen, married July 23, 1902


 Bibelen, eller Den Hellige Skrift, 1881        Bible T11


  • (?) Julius Hadlesen Eige and Serinor Eige, 1882.
  • Jacob Eige and Mathilde Jurgensen united in marriage July 23, 1902 by pastor E.B. Jones, Baptist parsonage, Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa.
  • Lyle Emmett Eige and Dorris Nettie Flittow, united in marriage, Thursday evening March 20th 1930 at 8:30 p.m. by pastor W.R. Yard at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Mobley Marshalltown, Iowa.
  • Maxine Mathilde Eige and Gilbert Crosly Brown united in marriage June 20, 1935 by pastor Rev. C.A. Bacon at home res. of Jacob and Mathilde Eige Marshalltown, Iowa.
  • Glen Eugene Eige and Marjorie Belle Ahrens united in marriage Sept. 1, 1941 by rev. W.E. Longstreth Methodist parsonage, Memphis, MO.
  • Jacob Juel Eige and Virginia Katherine Kaiser united in marriage Oct.9, 1942 Evangelical Deaconess Home and Hospital Chapel by rev. Adolph Matzner, 8:00 p.m. Marshalltown, Iowa.
  • Mathilde Harriet Eige and John Kaufmann united in marriage June 4th 2 p.m. First Baptist Church Marshalltown, Iowa, Rev. Miller of Davenport Pastor
  • John Jacob Eige and Mary Louise Howd (born February 25, 1934) married August 30, 1953.
  • Mary Lee Eige and Richard Lawrence Prasse married September 30, 1955.


  • Jakob Eige born July 30, 1885, baptized August 23 1885 by Pastor Albarg, in Story Co.
  • Falton Eige, born September 4, 1887 , DesMoines Pocl Co., Iowa. Baptized November 6, 1887 of Pastor Holm.
  • Bollette Eige born September 2, 1889 in Story Co., Iowa. Baptized of Pastor Pedersen October 20, 1889.
  • Bertha Helena born July 30, 1891 baptized by Pastor Svingen of Haugas in Story Co, Iowa.
  • Selina Julie was born July 25, 1893, baptized August 20, 1893 in Holmes Kirke Wright Co., Iowa.
  • Children of Jacob and Mathilde Eige:
    •  Son Lyle Emmett Eige born July 18, 1907 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa.
    • Daughter Maxine Mathilde Eige born Feb. 2nd 1910 Marshalltown, Marshall County, Iowa.
    • Son Ralph Jacob Eige born May 30, 1912 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co. Iowa.
    •  Son Glenn Eugene Eige born Sept. 1st 1914 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa.
    •  Son Jacob Juel Eige born Jan. 31, 1917 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co., Iowa.
    •  Daughter Mathilde Harriet Eige born May 7th 1919 at Marshalltown, Marshall Co. Iowa.
  • Jacob Eige III born June 18, 1945 at Marshalltown, Iowa
  • Son Kenneth born July 14 1945-1954(?), Texas
  • Gilbert Crosly Brown, born Aug. 7, 1910
  • Children of Gilbert Crosly and Maxine Mathilde Eige:
    • Jo Anne Brown born July 23, 1936
    • Paul Lee Brown born Aug. 27, 1938
    • Gordon Eige Brown born July 27 19—(corner of page missing)
  • Children of Lyle Eige:
    •  Son John Jacob Eige born August 4, 1931 in Mercy Hospital Marshalltown, Iowa.
    • Daughter Mary Lee Eige, February 25th 1934.
  • Children of John Jacob and Martha Eige:
    •  Daughter Jeanne Louis Eige October 29, 1955.
    •   Linda Lee Eige, June 18, 1957.
  • Child of Mary Lee Eige and Richard Prasse:
    •   Daughter Lee Ann Prasse, March 28, 1957


  • Johannes Hadlesen Eige died September 17, 1889, 64 years old.
  • Selina Eige (ink faded and much unclear) died March 30, 1901, buried April 2, 1901.
  • Father Julius Hadleson Eige died Oct. 30, 1925 at 10:35 A.M. age 68 years 8 months and 15 days old at Deaconess Hospital Marshalltown, Iowa of Nephritis buried at Hin by Iowa Cemetery Nov. 1st 1925 in family lot.
    • Son Ralph Jacob Eige died March 18th 1926 at 3:40 a.m.at Deaconess Hospital Marshalltown, Iowa age 13 years 9 months and 18 days old if Brain abscess operated on March 1 for Double Mastoid and for to drain abscess of Brain.  Burial March 20 in family lot. Riverside Cemetery, Marshalltown, Iowa.
  • Jacob Eige, father, died April 1th 1946 at home, Marshalltown, Iowa age 60 years, 9 mo. Of heart complications. Buried April 12 in family lot, Riverside Cemetery, Marshalltown, Iowa.


Title page is missing and the front cover is disconnected.  In scribed in front are names of Julius Hadlesen Eige and Serina Eige 1882 Genealogical pages are completed between the testaments.  This volume donated by Jacob Eige II and Jacob Eige III.